Israel > Basic Law: Human Dignity and Liberty

    { Adopted on: 17 March 1992 }
    { ICL Document Status: 9 March 1994 }


Section 1  Basic Principles

Basic human rights in Israel are based on the recognition of the value of the human being, and the sanctity of his life and his freedom, and these will be respected in the spirit of the principles of the Declaration of Independence of the State of Israel.

Section 1a  Purpose

The purpose of this Basic Law is to protect human dignity6111 and liberty62, in order to anchor in a Basic Law tile values of the State of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state.

Section 2  Preservation of life, body and dignity

There shall be no violation of the life, body or dignity of any person as such.

Section 3 Protection of property

There shall be no violation of the property of a person.622

Section 4  Protection of life, body, and dignity

All persons are entitled to protection of their life, body, and dignity.

Section 5 Personal liberty

There shall be no deprivation or restriction of the liberty of a person by imprisonment, arrest, extradition or by any other manner.

Section 6  Leaving and entering Israel

(a) All persons are free to leave Israel.
(b) Every Israel national has the right of entry into Israel from abroad.

Section 7  Privacy

(a) All persons have the right to privacy and to intimacy.
(b) There shall be no entry into the private premises of a person who has not consented thereto.
(c) No search shall be conducted on the private premises or body of a person, nor in the body or belongings of a person.
(d) There shall be no violation of the secrecy of the spoken utterances, writings or records of a person.

Section 8  Violation of rights

There shall be no violation of rights under this Basic Law except by a Law fitting the values of the State of Israel, designed for a proper purpose, and to an extent no greater than required or by such a law enacted with explicit authorization therein.

Section 9  Reservation regarding security forces

There shall be no restriction of rights under this Basic Law held by persons serving in the Israel Defence Forces, the Israel Police, the Prisons Service and other security organizations of the State, nor shall such rights be subject to conditions, except by virtue of a Law and to an extent no greater than required by the nature and character of the service.

Section 10  Validity of laws

This Basic Law shall not affect the validity of any law (din) in force prior to the commencement of the Basic Law.

Section 11  Application

All governmental authorities are bound to respect the rights under this Basic Law.

Section 12  Stability

This Basic Law cannot be varied, suspended or made subject to conditions by emergency regulations; notwithstanding, when a state of emergency exists, by virtue of a declaration under Section 9 of the Law and Administration Ordinance, 5708-1948, emergency regulations may be enacted by virtue of said section to deny or restrict rights under this Basic Law, provided the denial or restriction shall be for a proper purpose and for a period and extent no greater than required.

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