Constitutional Background

Please Note: "Macedonia" is here only used as a more meaningful name instead of the formally correct acronym FYROM for the term "Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia" which is the one acknowledged by the UN as the (current) official name. ICL's use of terms does in no way bear on Macedonia's dispute with Greece about the naming of the country. Today's political Macedonia comprises the territory of former Yugoslav Republic of Skopje and should be distinguished from ancient Greek Macedonia and from the Greek province of Macedonia.

Settlement Information \u8232_On 13 Sep 1995, by mediation of US-negotiator Richard Holbrooke, Greece's Prime Minister Andreas Papandreou and Macedonia's President Kiro Gligorov drafted a first settlement agreement. You will find the documents at Helenic Resources. After signing that agreement on 13 Oct, Greece lifted the trade blockade and the ban on Macedonian passport-holders and stopped vetoing EU aid for Macedonia. Macedonia will redesign its flag, omitting the star-burst symbol of Alexander the Great, king of ancient Macedonia. Also, two Articles of the Constitution will be changed in order to avoid any hidden claims on the Greek province of Macedonia. Macedonia agreed to choosing a new name for the republic which is acceptable to Greece.

Macedonia gained Independence from former Yugoslavia on 17 Sep 1991. The Constitution was adopted 17 Nov 1991 and is effective since 20 Nov 1991. Amendments have been added 6 Jan 1992.

Macedonia has a strong Albanian minority (20%). Its neighboring Serb-controlled province Kosovo is populated by Albanians. Greece is Macedonia's strongest partner for economic exchange.

History and News

  • Feb 1996: Gligorov's coalition fails; Social Democrats under Prime Minister Branko Crvenkovsky and foreign minister Ljubomir Frckovsky are in charge. 
  • 13 Oct 1995: After signing the agreement, Greece lifts its 1994 embargo.
  • 3 Oct 1995: Near-assassination of President Kiro Gligorov during a bomb attack on his car in the capital Skopje.
  • 15 Sep 1995: Macedonia and Greece drafted a first agreement towards settling their dispute about name and flag of Macedonia.
  • Feb 1994: Greece imposed a trade blockade of Macedonia and starts vetoing EU aid to its neighbor.
  • 1991: Quarrel starts between Greece and Macedonia about name and flag of the new country. 

For methodology see: Comparing Constitutions and International Constitutional Law.
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