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International Constitutional Law (ICL)

This project provides English translations of and other textual material related to constitutional documents. It cross-references those documents for quick comparison of constitutional provisions. These are the rules we try to rely on:
  • All translations and ICL-Editions of publicly available translations are in American English to simplify comparative research. However, British English is used for documents officially published in that language.

  • Paragraphs are numbered, inofficial titles put in square brackets to be included into the table of contents.

  • News and background information is fact oriented.

  • A set of ICL-keys is provided for most ICL-editions; we also include internal references to other provisions of the constitution.

As a separate document, you will find a primer on International Constitutional Law And Comparing Constitutions with more details about the project's purposes and some references to related literature.  If you have suggestions or questions or if you want to participate, please contact me (A. Tschentscher). 


Instead of the ICL-Newsletter with project announcements and political news, we now have the flag attached to any items that recently changed. 

Download & Copyright Information

Please have a look at our separate document regarding Download & Copyright.

Citation Suggestion

The Bluebook (The Bluebook. A  Uniform System of Citation, The Columbia Law Review  Association et al. eds., 16th ed. 1995) now includes citation rules for internet sources - 19.3.2 (Foreign Jurisdiction); 19.1.5. (Translations); 17.3.3. (Internet Sources). You could cite as follows:
    German Const. Art. 3 (2), translated in A. Tschentscher (ed.), International Constitutional Law (last modified June 5th, 2003) (F.R.G.).

For methodology see: Comparing Constitutions and International Constitutional Law.
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