Constitutional Background

The Republic of Uzbekistan is part of the Russian 'Commonwealth of Independent States'. It is strongly dominated by Soviet-era politicians and Islamic leadership. The authoritarian government had the opposition leader Shukhrullo Mirsaidov evicted from his home and put into a place without phone network access. His son has been kidnapped and threatened during 12 hours of detention.

Supreme Assembly (Oliy Majlis), i.e., the national parliament of Uzbekistan, is clearly dominated by the People's Democratic Party. Other parties are the Fatherland Progress Party and the Social Democratic Party.

History and News

  • 1999: Parliamentary Elections. 
  • Dec 1995: Otkir Sultonov becomes Prime Minister. 
  • 25 Dec 1994: People's Democratic Party clearly wins Parliamentary Elections. 
  • 8 Dec 1992: Adoption of the new Constitution. 
  • 20 Dec 1991: Islam Karimov, already President since 24 March 1990 election by the then Supreme Soviet, is again elected by popular vote. 
  • 31 Aug 1991: Independence from the Soviet Union.
  • 1966: The capital Tashkent is destroyed by an earthquake.

For methodology see: Comparing Constitutions and International Constitutional Law.
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